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Skyros Drug Checks Inc  


                               DOT RANDOM DRUG & ALCOHOL CONSORTIUM PROGRAM



o DOT Random Testing or Individual Random Selections 

o DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Employee Handbook 

o Local & Out-Of-Area Drug & Alcohol Facilities 

o Random Selections and Notifications Quarterly 

o Referrals to Substance Abuse Professional if tested positive 

o Drug Testing to Include Specimen Collection, Initial Lab Test and GC/MS 


o Reports Needed for Audit Safely Checks 

o Management Information System (MIS) report


Annual Membership Fee $~139*- 1-50 DOT Employees Per Company Fee 

* Fees are prorated based on time of year registration occurs. Jan-Mar. $139, Apr-Jun $109, Jul.-Sep $79, Oct-Dec. $39 

Small Company Annual Fee $99* – Includes Random Testing, in Multi- pool  

* Fees are prorated based on time of year registration occurs. Jan-Mar. $99, Apr-Jun $79, Jul.-Sept $69 Oct-Dec. $39 

Owner Operated New account $70 and Renewal $25 

Supervisor Training 

FMCSA Clearinghouse Registration Fee FMCSA Clearinghouse Query Program Per Drug Test 

Per Alcohol Test 

Other Fees 

$69- Online Version 


$10 per driver per year 

$55-Fees may vary depending on clinics. $70-Fees may vary depending on clinics.

Testing Fee Includes: 5 Panel DOT Drug Screen, Collection Of Specimen, Lab Testing With Confirmation,  MRO Reporting, MIS Reports When Required and/or Requested, Certified Random Selections-all DOT  Approved. 

These random drug testing services will keep you in compliance with the DOT drug and alcohol testing  regulations-49 CFR Part 40 and the regulations of your operating administration

Online account access will be sent via email to have access to  MIS Reports and update driver information and much more.




                                                          Skyros Drug Checks Inc 
                                                              Service Agreement  

Skyros Drug Checks Inc abides by all current Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations regarding 49 CFR Part 40 and the regulations of all DOT agencies. The goal of Skyros Drug Checks Inc  Inc is to provide dependable administrative service. The employer, however, is ultimately responsible for staying in compliance with the Department of Transportation regulations.  

Membership fees include all random draws and all administration fees. Separate fees are required for supervisor training, SAP  programs, follow-up testing and its administration. Skyros INC will act as an intermediary in transmitting the information from other service agents to the DER of the Employer per Appendix F of the 49CFR Part 40 procedures. We will retain all associated  DOT required records during the service period and will provide these records upon request at no charge upon membership termination. Required records not received by this consortium will be the responsibility of the member (e.g. MRO records sent to the  enrolled not forwarded to us). Members who cancel within 30 days of enrollment or renewal are entitled to a refund, fewer test fees and  a $25 processing fee.  

Services Offered: DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing DOT Breathalyzer Alcohol Testing 

Certified MRO 

Contracted Collection Sites 

SAMSHA/NIDA Certified Lab 

Computer Generated Random Selections  Substance Abuse Professional Referral  48 hours result notification and Email  updates  

Supervisor Training & Education  Statistical


Skyros Drug Checks Inc Policies: 

1. Information provided must be complete and accurate on the application. No false data may be knowingly submitted to Skyros Drug Checks Inc . 

2. The Employer must implement a Substance Abuse Policy and instruct their employees according to the procedures in the Employee Handbook provided in the new member package. 

3. The Employer understands that they are ultimately responsible for the validation, implementation and the consequences of their drug and alcohol testing program. The Employer further agrees that they understand the methods and policies used by Skyros Drug Checks Inc . 

4. DOT Main Program may only enroll drivers operating under the Department of Transportation Federal Regulations. 

5. Non-DOT Employers may only enroll employees that they have determined to be legally eligible for such a program. Employers in the State of California have been given the disclosure regarding the Supreme Court Ruling. 

6. Your company must remain current regarding amounts owed to Skyros Drug Checks Inc . A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed for amounts 30 days passed due. Employers will be notified in writing with sufficient time as indicated on the notice. Failure to pay the indicated amount will result in termination. 

7. All random notifications must be responded to within the allotted time period. If we do not receive a response after a reasonable number of attempts have been made we will report the result as “Failure to Test” per DOT instructions. 

8. DOT drivers who show positive on any test authorized by Skyros Drug Checks Inc  Inc will be removed from the DOT pool until evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional as indicated in the DOT Regulations. If the driver requests that the split specimen be tested, the employer is responsible for payment as indicated in the DOT regulations. Any additional costs incurred for processing positive test results are also the responsibility of the employer. 

9. Any company found to violate  Skyros Drug Checks Inc  Inc policies or Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations 49 CFR Part 40 and any additional agency regulations, will be terminated without refund. 

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