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About Us 

At Skyros Drug Checks, we offer a wide variety of services to business and companies to make sure they have all the resources for a smooth Drug and Alcohol test. We are partners with trusted Drug and Alcohol testing labs nationwide. 


We offer test for...


  • FFA

  • State Mandatory testing

  • etc


Let us help you will affordable membership pricing that includes reports and random testing. Add our program to your cart today.

We offer broad access to Drug testing Services through a combined nationwide network of nearly 10,000 collection sites in all 50 States, including SAMHSA Labs and preferred third-party collection site locationsWe offer testing to keep you compliant with DOT by provide MIS reports and email test results. If you join our membership you will be offered a ONLINE account where you will have access to your results from any smartphone or computer. The online accounts come with MIS Reports, MRO reports if needed, full list of active drivers, and all past MIS reports. 

We offer the widest variety of specimen collection options including urine to making drug testing simple for your company and more convenient for your employees.


Don't want need a membership, DON'T worry we offer individual drug and Alcohol testing as well. 


Our services include :



Lab Worker

Join our membership today: 

SAMHSA Approved Labs 

Testing Done Nationwide 

Annual MIS Reports 

Online Account and More!! 

Membership in DOT Random Testing Consortium or Individual Random Selections

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Employee Handbook

Drug Testing to Include Specimen Collection, Initial Lab Test and GC/MS Confirmation

Random Selections and Notifications Quarterly

Consultation and Administrative Support

Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Video Training

Local & Out-Of-Area Drug & Alcohol Collection Facilities

Management Information System (MIS) reports

Reports Needed for Audit Safely Checks 

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